Roscoe – Are we home yet?

Just look at that pretty boy. <3

So Roscoe the rescue is still looking for his home. He stayed with us for a week when Lori was away so he could have some alone time, away from the hustle and bustle and all his friends at Wags Inn. He is a sweet and handsome boy who has been doing fantastic during his stay.

Some highlights:

He has been working on hopping into the car.

He took a trip to the pet store to pick up some of his favorite food.

He went on a couple trips with me for errands (only when the weather permits since he had to wait in the car).

We walked to the park down the road and went on numerous walks down our street.

Walks are most successful when they include time free time for sniffing and some time for fun training games too!

Posing at the park.
Here we are playing some treat toss and recall games in between some free time for sniffing.
We can always practice some sits and downs.

Lots of playtime in the yard.

The wind in his ears.
Favorite toy – Large squishy kong – good for chomping.

Practicing settling in the house – especially while we work on making dinner in the kitchen. He’s got the hang of that bed.

Rough life, Roscoe.


The coolest update – Rio and Roscoe are buddies πŸ™‚

They both initiate play with each other and are much more comfortable just chilling together. Sometimes it just takes time.

Roscoe is a border collie mix – which means he has some naughty border collie tendencies (no offense to border collies or any other ‘chasey foot-biters’), but in an environment where you can control his stimulation levels, his foot-biting is pretty easy to predict and prevent. I took this picture because I thought his care-takers might be horrified about the prospect of being out in the yard with him barefoot. πŸ˜‰ He can be a good boy, see?

Delicious foot, successful Roscoe.

Early on, he did try a bit of his old foot-biting habit (we all get frustrated from time to time), but it isn’t too hard to redirect him with treats or a toy. If you are interested in him, seriously all his good qualities will well out weigh his little bad habits, and I will totally help you tackle them, no worries!

He really is a fantastic boy. You had better act fast if you want him as your very own. Otherwise Rio is adopting him.

“He can stay.”
Or maybe this guy. . .


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