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Contents of Life


Rio you challenge me to:

  • Face my fears
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Become aware of my emotional reactions
  • Become aware of my insecurities
  • Stretch my patience
  • Be silly in public
  • Find ways to keep life fun
  • Become more fully who I am
  • Not take myself so seriously
  • Not care what others think of me
  • Make friends
  • Love more fully, love you for who you are
  • Be aware of my surroundings
  • Grow and change
  • Trust myself
  • Trust you
  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Be aware of what I am conveying through my body language and voice
  • Forgive myself
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Focus on the positive
  • Ignore bad behavior
  • Notice and reward good deeds
  • Be happier and more at peace
  • Find my passion
  • Come alive

Joy of Dog



Moving With Pup



This is totally staged. He is doing his chin rest, all eyes on me, waiting for his next cue.

Rio rests on the wood floor by the door with his head on Dr. K’s slipper. His eyes are partly closed and his breathing is even and slow. He finally ignores the muffled voices and sounds of maintenance being done in the adjacent townhome – for the time being the creaks the house makes don’t rouse him anymore. If anything is too fast or too loud he will go from peacefully sleeping dog to fully awake – up on his toes, hackles raised, barking like he can’t catch his breath – in seconds. It still gets me. Even after three years with this creature, my blood pressure goes up just hearing him bark like that. It doesn’t help; the more worked up I get, the more he feels his anxious barking is justified.

We regard each other peacefully for the moment. I have a pouch full of treats and any time I hear a noise rise slightly above the background I say “yes” and calmly reach over to deposit a treat between his paws. It takes me back to his puppy days. I was constantly rewarding him for just lying there peacefully. It helped. The world needs more rewards for peace.

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Rearranging Life

Trust Yourself, Start Where You Stand

What kind of butterfly is it?

Like a caterpillar transforming it’s physical form, we are rearranging all the important bits of our lives.

My dog changed my life, and I am grateful for it. The past few months I have been in the midst of that transition.

I left graduate school last fall.  My first career of choice was failing to make me happy.  I realized how little it aligned with the vision I have for myself and my future. I was living completely out of balance with my values. Of course, not everyone who is working on a Ph.D. in experimental physics is out of alignment with what they want.  I’m sure my boyfriend is going to use his physics knowledge to build great things since he is always coming up with such fascinating ideas and he loves to spend time building in the lab.  I admire him for these things, but for me, the passion had drained out of the physics path some time ago. I got into it for the wrong reasons and with the wrong expectations. I knew this in my heart for a long time, but it can be so hard to quit something you’ve worked so hard on – when society and almost everyone you have surrounded yourself with tells you to stick it out, it will get better. “Sure, it will be hard,” they say, “but it will be useful; it will be a good career. You will make money.” I am lucky to have had the support of the ones who are closest to me – my boyfriend and my family. My mom may be losing her memory, but she will still repeatedly tell me that I need to do whatever is best for me in my life, and that she wants me to be happy. So I got out, with their support, and the willful encouragement of that little black dog who set the whole thing in motion when he came into my life.  Now I am building my life around dogs.

Thanks, Rio!

Rio gets me out of the lab for an outside lunch break. Now I am outside much more often!

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Rio - Black Lab Pup - 4 months old

Learning is Inherently Messy

This is all incredibly new to me.  Starting a blog is exciting and terrifying.  I love to write, but releasing all those thoughts out into the world is new for me.  But everyone has to start somewhere!  It seems we must always start from the exact point where we are, right in this moment, the initial position.

I read an article on Khan Academy entitled: The Learning Myth: Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart.  Researchers have found that the brain gets the most benefit when we struggle with something difficult and make mistakes.  Neural connections form and deepen most, not when we repeatedly perform tasks that are easy and we know we can succeed with, but when undertake something difficult wherein we have little experience and will likely make mistakes.

So here we go!

Baby Rio - Black lab approx 3mo.

Learning is certainly messy for this little guy!